Expedited Shipping Services

A Person, Not a Recording

People are more productive talking to people than machines so that's why we have Live Dispatch. It's available 24 hours a day, starting at 7AM Monday thru 7PM on Friday, and "on call" dispatchers on the weekends that will call you back immediately after being notified of your call. As part of our "High Priority/In Touch" personal approach to doing business we also have personal representation available around the clock Monday through Sunday.

Freight Shipping Services | Expedited Shipping Services

A Superior Track Record

There's nothing more nerve-racking than not knowing the whereabouts or as we like to say the "whenabouts" of your delivery. That's why, via E-Mail Notification, our Automated Tracking will keep you informed about:

  1. When Your Truck/Plane Arrives For Pick-Up
  2. When Your Truck/Plane Is Loaded
  3. When Your Truck/Plane Arrives At Its Destination
  4. When Your Truck/Plane Is Unloaded
  5. Proof Of Delivery (POD)/Who Signed For Your Delivery, and at What Time.

A Load of Savings

There's an underlying perception that expedited freight is expensive by its very nature. But we know that needn't be the case if the company you use is committed to service, connected with resources and calculated for efficiency. Through our proven track record of 98.6% on-time efficiency, we will help you maintain your integrity, and your relationship with your customer base.

Freight Shipping Services | Expedited Shipping Services
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Exclusive(Dedicated) Use of Vehicle
  • Access to Over 14,000 Vehicles in the US and Canada
  • Authorized to Carry Product to All 48 Continental United States, and Canada
  • Established with over 20 Years of Experience with Large and Small Companies Alike

  • Proven Savings of 10% to 25% On Ground Service over our Competition
  • Nationwide Vehicle Locator
  • Drivers Equipped with Smartphones
  • Pickup & Delivery Information Automatically Sent Electronically via E-Mail