Carrier Recruitment

Last year, Jung Express brokered out over 4000 shipments to its partner carriers and expects to significantly increase that business this year. Join our team and find out why our partners love to work with us.

The following is a list of requirements in order to be a carrier for Jung Express:

  1. All of our freight is EXPEDITE in nature. If you participate in the bidding process, you must have equipment immediately available. We are not LTL, Cartage, or Common Carrier service.
  2. You must have at least a SATISFACTORY D.O.T. safety rating.
  3. Insurance must show $1,000,000.00 Liability and $100,000.00 Cargo, with "Jung Express" added as certificate holder.
  4. Must have signed contract with Jung Express including Insurance certificate, W-9 and proof of authority.
  5. Must have 24/7/365 dispatch and/or driver access.
  6. You are acting as an agent for Jung Express, and you will identify yourself as such.

For more information contact our CARRIER RECRUITMENT DEPARTMENT at 414.747.4070 X 137
OR complete the form below: